Receiving 429 errors when trying to download


We have misplaced some of our original OBJ files locally, so a colleague passed over their sketchfab account so we could download the OBJs directly from their back-end account.

To download, I clicked on the small cog, chose “download”, then “original”. This worked fine for a while
until about 100-ish into the 150 I needed, when it stopped working. Console shows 429 errors : usually rate limit errors. I could only see reports related to 429s and the API, rather than just using the website. How long is this limit in place for?

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 ()
npm.sentry-b7c0721a7acf88234aef4856d77092b2.js:1 Error: Request failed with status code 429
    at LYNF.e.exports (npm.axios-79b618d90a5360be1c1acf6afac9930c.js:1)
    at Rn+g.e.exports (npm.axios-79b618d90a5360be1c1acf6afac9930c.js:1)
    at XMLHttpRequest.l.onreadystatechange (npm.axios-79b618d90a5360be1c1acf6afac9930c.js:1)
    at XMLHttpRequest.c (npm.sentry-b7c0721a7acf88234aef4856d77092b2.js:1)
(anonymous) @ npm.sentry-b7c0721a7acf88234aef4856d77092b2.js:1


429 is a rate limit error which means you’re hitting our Download API too hard. You can see the rate limits for each plan type here. The rates are per hour.

Thanks Bart,

Not sure if that coincides with what I was seeing : Its a pro plan account, and there are only 150 models in total on the account, and I only got to about 100 before receiving the 429 error. I wasn’t using the API to download directly - just the normal website.

I also waited well over an hour and still could not download any more models - i managed to this morning though, so the rate limit on downloading on your website doesn’t seem to tie in with the details you posted for the API. The rate limits above also state “write requests” whilst I wasn’t writing using the API: I was just clicking the download link on your website.

Right, sorry I misread and thought you used the API. Other rate limits apply to the website, and I’m pretty sure the API limits apply to both read AND write, I’ll check and get that updated if necessary.