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Recent bone deformation issue?


(Red Torch) #1

I was trying to upload some FBX animation files today and one of the character's bones always seems to go crazy, disconnected and scaled up. I thought it could be Maya exporting problem, but I uploaded an old FBX file that I know worked before, and it did the same thing.

Anyone else experience this issue? Is it Sketchfab problem?

Working old upload:

Errored new test upload:


It looks like this is related to a known issue with multi-skeletons. @waleguene can you confirm?

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @RedTorch,

This is a known bug introduced in the latest release, that weirdly breaks skinned objects.
A fix is on it's way and it should be released soon.

As workaround, you could try to disable "Segment Scale Compensate" on the issued bones, it should fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

(Red Torch) #4

Thanks a lot for the reply.
I'm glad to know this isn't an issue with Maya or my exporting. Good luck on the fix!
thanks again.

(Waleguene) #5

Hi @RedTorch,

The issue should be fixed now, could you give a try ?

(Howtomake) #6

I had same problem. I fixed.

Thanks for helping.