Recommendation for a 3D pixel tool?

(Alban) #1

I just started playing with 3D pixel art, using 3Dtin (see below) but it's not ideal. Any recommendation for something better? Ideally it would let me upload a 2D image so I can build on top of it. And I'm looking for a fully browser-based solution.

Pixel Reddit Alien by alban on Sketchfab

(Michael Calvert) #2

I'm a fan of Qubicle for Voxel art like this. It's quick and easy to learn. To export in a 2D image, I'm not 100% sure you can do that but you can take a flat screenshot from any angle. If you find a browser solution, would love to check it out.

(Tuan Kuranes) #3 allows for nice things. ( Check for updates and renders )
Export to obj allows to get those in skfb like that one
Otherwise might work (untested), as there's a drop png page to test

(Bart) #4

If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail, so I'll suggest Blender wink

Update: oh, fully browser based. Oh well, it's still a cool little script!

(Nebulousflynn) #5

I'm no 3D modeller, but I've had some fun using MagicaVoxel

Made a water temple:



Not browser-based, but 3D Slash looks like a fun voxel app with support for importing images:

Edit: There is a web-version coming soon. ( @vtsst )

(The Robots Are Coming) #7

I'd look into using a combination of Inkscape (free, client software) and Tinkercad (free, cloud based).

You can create a svg sketch in Inkscape, based on an imported 2D image (using path generation tools) and then import the svg into Tinkercad as an extruded shape, onto which you can build anything you like, using Tinkercad's lovely simple and intuitive interface.