Recommendations for hardware for Sketchfab+WebVR?

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, webVR seems a little hit and miss performance-wise.

Does anyone have a hardware configuration the nails webVR in Sketchfab?

For me the latest sound demo 'Lily & Snout' performs awesomely in 2D but in VR the audio freezes or stutters, the frame rate drops thru the floor and the head pose sync lags to the point of nausea.

I have noticed that if the scene fills the full VR field-of-view that's when things go to crap. Even on tiny models with a few thousand polygons. Outside the model looking at it from 'grid world' is fine, but if I teleport 'inside' the model everything becomes juddery. Is it a fillrate problem?

Hardware: Windows 10 PC, i7, 16Gb RAM, GTX1070, Firefox Nightly, HTC Vive.

Pretty much every other SteamVR application runs perfectly fine on that hardware config.