Recommended export settings from Substance Painter for sketchfab?

(Dwcrew) #1

Sorry if this is the wrong category first of all. Is there a tutorial/recommended export settings from Substance Painter to upload to Sketchfab? My models don't look as they look inside SP, I know there's a different enviroment map but other than that I tried PBR metallic and PBR rough but still couldn't get the same results. I also asked this in the allegorithmic forum but the reply I got was that it's not something specific but the stuff I tried didn't work. Any thoughts?

(Cedric) #2

I can't tell but if you link to an example we could have a look.


(Dwcrew) #3

Hi! Thanks for the reply
Here's a model I uploaded in sketchfab
and here's how it looks inside SP, my main problem is with the skin, in sketchfab it kinda looked washed out. Also another thing I noticed was that the metals where way more reflective inside sketchfab rather than in SP

(Cedric) #4

Could you try with the same environment ? just to be sure it's not only this

(Dwcrew) #5

I tried it with the same enviroment map and I changed a bit the textures but now i've got another problem, the red vains inside SP now look blue in sketchfab and they are not subtle at all, I also added an emission map that I had in SP which I didn't want to use in the first place because of the washing. Here's a pic with the problem, the left is with the emission map and the right is without it. The veins also look really ugly but i don't know why they look blue now.

(Cedric) #6

About the skin it's possible SP use a different shader, that would explain the washing effect. It's in our roadmap to improve skin rendering.
still you have two maps about the skin on your models:

The seconds seems to have some purple color inside, could it be that ?

(Dwcrew) #7

I don't remember which one I used tbh, I didn't save the one with the veins. However I uploaded a new model today and it actually looked pretty good and close to what it looks inside SP so maybe there was something wrong with the previous model maps. I had to lower the F0 down to nothing in order for it not to shine though, I don't know what goes there or what to export from SP for that

(Cedric) #8

You can find more information about F0 in the PBR guide volume 2 page 6

(Bart) #9

@dwcrew to follow up on this conversation, did you see that Substance Painter 1.5 now includes a Sketchfab exporter?

(Dwcrew) #10

Yes I've seen it! That's excellent! smiley