Recommended speed for sketchfab

(Velvetvinz) #1

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to ask you what is the reccomended speed to visualize a 3D model smoothly?
I refer mostly to small objects such as archaelogical findings or cultural heritage items.
Thanks everyone!



I'm not sure exactly what you mean by speed? Are you asking about computer/device specifications?

You can read about viewer performance more generally here:

(Velvetvinz) #3

Sorry, I did not specify.
I actually meant internet connection speed.
My current connection is 16mb/s fast.
I was just wondering if there's a recommended connection speed.
Thanks a lot


The viewer needs to download all the model assets before it can be displayed. This depends on the size of the model, the number of textures, etc. There's no streaming going on like a video, so I don't have a good answer for connection speed. The faster your connection, the quicker a model will be ready to view.