Recover canceled account?

(Crazymanuel) #1

Could you recover an erased account?
The computer where I had the models was broken some time ago and I canceled the account soon after.
I had it pending but I give it for lost.
And an additional reason to recover it, is that I put some models for free download, and recently I saw in Twitter a user who complained that someone sold their models without their consent.
And I saw in this account a model that I’m not sure if it’s mine or not, but I think so, and if I put them for download it’s not for sale.
Sorry my english, I used a traslator.



I’m afraid we cannot normally recover a deleted account. What was the username?

(Crazymanuel) #3

unoquepasaba – username

Do not worry if it can not be done.


It’s not possible in this case, sorry!