Recreating the DeLorean (bttf)


(Jamesculley) #1

Phase 1 - creating the The Delorean DMC -12 base model

This has been a long and detailed project but being able to build a DeLorean (in any form) is a dream come true. I first fell in love with all things DeLorean after watching the Back To The Future movies and have had the pleasure of seeing a number of replica’s up close- not to mention one of the movie used props whilst in America.

I have attempted to keep poly count low (ish) by using some baked details on the wheels mostly. I have also made use of PBR materials.

I sourced reference photographs, plans and videos of the original DeLorean and created it in 3dsmax: Here it is in the Sketch fab viewer.

DeLorean DMC - 12 by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

This will form the base for Phase 2 which will include the Back To The Future additions. I am lucky enough to have been invited by Jason Bradbury (TV’s The Gadget Show) to see his replica version which I can study to create the finer details of the movie accurate version for his VR experience.

Phase 2 - The Photoshoot!

Suffice to say I have a folder with over 150 reference photos of the DeLorean from several different angles etc..

(Jamesculley) #2

Phase 2 - Adding the BTTF parts!

Using the photographs from the photo shoot I am now working on some of the finer Back To The Future additions!

I will update soon with more screenshots.

(Shaderbytes) #3

Excellent work on the additions :wink:

Looking forward to more renders and a new sketchfab upload..

(Nomadking) #4

I love this (and hate you) so much right now! :wink:

(Dark Minaz) #5

lucky you :stuck_out_tongue: there is hardly any movieprop things here (well except for some troopers and deadpool)
looks nice :smile: can't wait for the sketchfab 3d model.

(Jamesculley) #6

Thank you guys, it all spawned from this little animation I put on youtube:

Jason Bradbury happened to see it when I shared it on Twitter and asked if I could work on his DeLorean project - Just goes to show how putting your work out there can get you connected :smile:

And I tried so hard not to act like a big kid during my day spent with the car... he even drove me around London in it... awesome...

It has lead to some work at the UTC in London where we are going to show the car on a Holotronic display - (Projection onto highly reflective, highly transparent mesh to give the illusion of a hologram). This and other assets he has me working on will eventually become part of a VR experience to be featured on his website.

Very excited - quite a large step for me as I am used to working on pretty low key logos and animations most of the time... Apprehensive but excited!

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awesome!!! we want more we want more we want more hehe

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I bet everyone was humming the theme song while watching that :stuck_out_tongue: