Reddit appears to be auto-flagging shortlinks as spam

(Smallpoly) #1

Not sure where else to post this, but I noticed today that whenever using the link from the share button Reddit appears to be automatically flagging links as spam, while full links work normally.

Found this out by posting things to my own profile and a subreddit I run and noticing the pattern.Thought you guys should know.

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Thanks for letting us know! We’ll take a look into this.

(Alban) #3

I just tested and it wasn’t flagged as spam:

The one issue I see is that it doesn’t pick the palyer, whereas it does with full urls, we’ll look into it.


(Smallpoly) #4

The way their spam system works for these kinds of things is that it’ll still appear normally to you when you look, but it’s invisible to everyone else. It’s similar to shadowbanning. This way the supposed “spammer” thinks they’ve succeed and does not attempt to take countermeasures.

Try looking in the fiat500 subreddit when logged out or in incognito mode and you’ll see what I mean. Users can go to your post through a direct link, but it won’t show up in the subreddit’s feed. It’ll also have an unusually low view count. In the image below, you should notice that your post doesn’t show up in the feed of new posts.

If you want something more conclusive, here’s a comparison of some of my posts in /r/Photogrammetry, where I first noticed the issue. The “Patapan” model, submitted using the long link is the only one that shows up. The short link versions above and below the “ADAM - Behind the Scenes” video are missing, but only when I’m not on my account.


Thanks for the screenshot! I’ve contacted the Reddit support team about this. We’ll see what happens.


Looks like there’s not much we can do about it:

kethryvis (Reddit Support)

Feb 27, 15:41 PST

Hi there,

Link shorteners are generally frowned upon across reddit, and we do not allow them. Posting your full domain is the best way to go here.

I hope that helps a bit!

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But we will update our Reddit sharing button to use the full URL.


It’s done!