Redshift: which AOV output is which sketchfab map?


I’m working with c4d and redshift and baked textures of an object.
But I don’t know which aov output from redshift goes to which channel in Sketchfab.
belongs to.

Beauty should be in the albedo map, I suppose. BumpNormals and AO are still understandable. But what about roughness/specular…?

Many thanks

I’m not familiar with Redshift, but looks like it’s using the Specular workflow instead of the metalness workflow
You can switch the workflow in the editor in the materials pane

From the naming, i think that SpecularLighting should go in the Specular channel, then I’d say Reflection or ReflectionFilter in Roughness (maybe switch to glossiness in the editor as usually specular workflow uses a glossiness texture rather than a roughness texture).

However if you can give us a screenshot of what the textures look like, it would help. Guessing from the name of the textures may not prove to be very accurate.

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Oh, that’s a good tip, which I wouldn’t have tried like that because I switched on Metallnes in RS. But it’s definitely worth a try.
I had now received this from another forum:

DiffuseFilter = Diffuse,
Reflections = Specular Weight,
SpecularLighting = Roughness,
Refractions = Transparency