Redundant animations dropped


(Klaasnienhuis) #1

I've got an animated 3D model with two sets of animated furniture in 3dsMax. The sets of furniture are instanced. Both the geometry and animations are the same. When I upload an exported fbx only one set of animated furniture is shown in Sketchfab. Looking at the messages above the published model it says that some animations are redundant and have been dropped. When I pick the "static" option from the animations list in sketchfab, both sets of furniture appear. This means the geometry is actually uploaded.

Is there a way to avoid this and have Sketchfab show both animated models?

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @klaasnienhuis,

Thanks for reporting this!
Could you share the link of the model having the issue so that we can take a closer look ?
From what you describe, it seems to be an issue on our side related to instanciation. I think both geometries are placed at the same place and as they have the same animation, they are mingled together. We probably don't distinguish their original place when baking the animation.
Concerning the warnings, I think they are not directly related to the issue.

With your sample, it will be easier to debug and find what is causing the issue :smile:


(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Sure @waleguene,

Arneld_animation by Klaas Nienhuis on Sketchfab

(Waleguene) #4

Hi @klaasnienhuis,

Thanks for the link! I took a look and saw that the result is the same when opening the FBX in FBX Review or even reimporting it in 3dsMax. Sketchfab seems to have the right behaviour according to the FBX source data, so I don't think we can do anything to actually show both models. Did you try to export with different options to see if it can fix your issue ?

Or maybe add an empty object as parent of one of the sets in order to maintain the dissociation bewteen both?
If you have anything else in mind, don't hesitate to share it :smile:

(Klaasnienhuis) #5

That is awkward. In the embedded sketchfab scene two posts up you can pick "Static pose" from the list of animations and it does show both models. This suggests one set of the animation keys are dropped upon export to fbx and applied to both models.