Refraction workflow

Dear Sketchfab group members,
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I’m asking about the refraction workflow for 3D scanned objects (gemstones, minerals, etc.). I followed the Sketchfab article/tutorial about the transparency/opacity. I can’t figure out, how to maintain the ‘quality’ of the model.
Without the opacity channel, I have the following model -
While I’m trying to put some refraction, I lose my details - and seem to be fake, harsh… (e.g. image below).
Please, can you share your experience, tips, etc.



Could you also share a photo or better a video of the actual gem stone?

This will help in diagnosing the best approach / possible material setup.

If I assume that some parts of the subject are less transparent than others, you will likely get much better results by painting a transparency map in 3D editing software like Blender.

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your attention to my concern. I attached 1 photo and 1 video. Right to my model, I added one more specimen (fluorite) for comparison. The refraction is not so high.

It’s a good approach to paint transparency in GIMP or other photo editing software, directly to a duplicate texture?

I’ve added an opacity texture. The refraction blending mode is very sensitive, and I need a true sRGB monitor in order to manage correctly the texture.
I have updated the 3d model. Now it’s much better.

Any other comments/suggestions are welcome.