Rejected Seller Application

So I tried to sell the weapon and shield models from this collection:

But I got rejected for

Model(s) do not meet our technical criteria and some of the following may need further work: topology, UVs, optimized materials, thumbnails and titles

This is not specific at all and I have no idea what I even need to fix. I would appreciate any insight into this because I’m at a loss and ngl this is a huge bummer because I worked really hard on all of this.

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I don’t know the exact criteria for ‘seller acceptance’ in Sketchfab. But I had a look at the wagon and the Topology and UVs all look fine.

I did notice the textures and the mesh are large file sizes for low poly assets. The wagon textures altogether came in at 167MB and the wagon mesh is 179MB. Also the texture files are 8k and these likely would never get used in a low poly video game as they’re too high res and will eat up video memory. This could be the reason, although I could be wrong!

I did also notice the description for each model is very similar and doesn’t really describe the model in much detail.

Hope this is of some help.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I was under the wrong impression about how selling works and just submitted my super hi-res versions with generic descriptions thinking they would just be ignored I guess. Even if those aren’t the specific issues that led to the rejection, I really appreciate your insight and will definitely rectify those issues!

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We reviewed your account again,
As @cjmitchell mentioned, 8k is too high for the niche/low-poly audience you’re targeting here and the geometry needs more cleaning as well,

Flat areas like those should aspire to be very low in quad density, while maintaining it’s main silhouette. Check this one for reference:

Your Wagon Environment Ground has the same issues, so I advice using a decimation method.
Also check our sellers handbook for tips.