Rejected seller bid - I need more information

HI, I recently got rejected when applying for seller status.

Can someone please provide me with more detailed information as to why my application might have been rejected?

I have just 2 models in my portfolio. The only thing I can think is that they are using 4k maps, which by today’s standard is not unreasonable. UV’s look tight, mesh looks clean. I am lost for an explanation.

link to my works - philgornall1967 - Sketchfab

If anyone can help, I would very much appreciate it

This article covers the process of applying to be come a seller:

It does state that you should have at least 5 models on your account before applying, so that might be the reason. You can also simply reply to the rejection email and ask for more details from the Store team :+1:

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Thank you for the swift reply.
I will “knock up” some more models and re-apply.

Is there a poly count? map size limit? If I know that its topology that is the problem, I can retop the meshes, or I can reduce the map sizes?

These two are 12k and 10k verts respectively, which i appreciate might be a bit high for your average game dev, so maybe thats it? I am an animator and new to environmental geometry, but I thought I would clean up some of my scene assets and publish them for sale. Probably ultimately as collections, rather than individual pieces.


Indeed, please try to keep your count targeted within reasonable real-time visualization use cases, or offering low-poly versions of the same file as attached.

Please upload at least 5 models next time. :slight_smile: