Remove collections I didn't subscribe to from my newsfeed

Hey team!
Please consider removing collections (that are made or updated by people I follow) from my newsfeed

Nowadays many artists I follow actively create or update their collections, and sometimes my newsfeed consist mostly of these updates.

There were several times I’ve missed/skipped some interesting artworks among my cluttered newsfeed, only fishing them out on twitter or instagram later

I’m totally not interested in collections, only artworks, and even if I were - there’s always a perfect option to subscribe to a specific collection. In my opinion, removing unwanted collections would improve clarity and make scrolling newsfeed less tiresome.

The only exception for me are Sketchfab’s weekly top-10 collections - I’m quite willing to recieve those, but they’re created from scratch, so i guess there’s no means to subscribe to it. Maybe, implementing some option like “Subscribe to all of this author’s collections” (basically a checkbox to keep current state of subscriptions, but for specific authors) would do the trick?

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