Remove "In collections" section, above "Suggested 3D models" column, in the upper-right corner

Hey team!
I’d suggest to move down or turn off “in collections” section on the upper right of the model viewer screen, above “Suggested 3D Models” column

  • “In collections” takes 3 upper slots - the sweetest spotlight, imo
  • When I’m browsing stuff for inspiration, I want to see MORE of the the similar models suggestions - at least more, than i want to see, who added it where
  • I personally never follow these links to collections (looking on the screenshot, I see there’s a person with a collection of 8.6K models - well, good job, but no way i’m going to go browse it all)
  • On the other hand I often have to scroll down to load more similar suggested models
  • For those interested, tag search would be more effective, because collections logic is often unclear, or theme might be irrelevant)
  • There’s already a dedicated Collections tab in Explore, if someone’s into it

to sum up, it might give more discoverability for authors, while less scrolling/clicking for me)