Remove my model from someone else's collection

Hello, recently one of my models was added to a collection called “SKANKS”, which as I’m sure I don’t need to explain is pretty derogatory and offensive. My model is for a University assignment and needs to be viewable to other students browsing the particular module tag, so I can’t make it private or link-only - not that I should have to do that just because someone’s added something I made to a fetish collection in the first place. It’s just gross and I don’t want my hard work to be affiliated with it.
It also doesn’t help that it’s the first thing to show up on the right next to the model viewport.

Is there a way to remove my model from someone’s collection? Or to turn on some sort of collection-adding approval thing? Or, failing any of that, is there a chance a member of staff could remove my model from it? Looking at the collection, it seems the rest of the models are mostly SFW, some of which are also created by students for assignments/etc.

There doesn’t even seem to be a block user option, which I’d appreciate in this kind of circumstance.

Model in question is here: Cypher - Punk Character [GART150] - 3D model by FloofCollie (@jbramhill) [9aed120] - Sketchfab
Offending collection which it’s been added to is here: SKANKS - A 3D model collection by shtaba (@shtaba) - Sketchfab
They also added it to this one: