Removing PayPal Links


Am I to remove all PayPal Links? from all my pages and Models?

and why?

Changing all info boxes per request
(Bart) #3

Correct - we do not allow any links that are misleading users into believing they are doing direct business with Sketchfab. So a link to a direct PayPal checkout or a similarly confusing page is not allowed anymore, and this will apply to all Sketchfab users.

You're still welcome to add a link to a checkout page on your own website or on services like Gumroad as long as the page makes it clear they are doing a transaction with you, not with Sketchfab.


Wow, Sketchfab and Mixamo have sunk to a new LOW

LINK DISCRIMINATION, A link is a link, it doesnt matter if it goes to a Paypal checkout or a webpage with a paypal checkout.

Theres no difference and Sketchfab is bowing to the will of ADOBE MIXAMO to take out small vendors like me, who cannot afford to link monetization to EXTERNAL LINKS.



What about how you mislead mrbones into using those Paypal links in the first place? I mean Im just saying it looks like you set him up to fail.

PayPal Links are not misleading, whoever told you that is LYING, I have a feeling MIXAMO cant stand a little competition now can they?

Is Sketchfab, MIXAMOS Little B. NOW? because thats exactly what it looks like...

(Bart) #6

Let me be very clear: until now I have treated you with respect, explained our policy several times and gave you all the room and time you needed to make updates. Instead you decide to pick a fight with us and expand this conversation into a bigger debate, dragging our partners into it as well.

We will not stand for this; if you continue to post your insinuations and decline to comply with our requests we will shut down your Truebones and Makeamo accounts.


We cant stand the truth I see,


Well its apparent you or WE or OUR is going to do whatever they (you) want anyways.

So go ahead, Shut me down.

See how respectful that looks..

(Bart) #8

Are you sure you want me to delete both your accounts? Be aware that if you confirm all your models will be deleted and we will not be able to restore them.


See there you go, I didnt say remove them,

I said your going to remove them no matter what I say,

Ive already told you I need a week,

You already told me you would remove the links yourself if need be,

Now your going back on your word, trigger happy and threatening to delete ALL Mrbones and Makeamos content? His LIFES work? Your going to delete over LINKS?

Or because that I didnt move fast enough for you,

Thats Called EXTORTION pal.

Its your move.

(Bart) #10

So go ahead, Shut me down.


Okay you have one week.


Is that threat? or is the final countdown vid you posted designed to lighten the mood?

Your going to remove my content if I dont comply?

Not just remove the links, like you promised?

Be careful what you say BART, this is not a joke, and your not going to play with my Life


(Bart) #12

I will remove the links if you do not comply. I will shut your accounts down if you keep posting insulting messages.


Let me be very clear with you BART, you gave me those PayPal Links code to put on my content.

Now unless your willing to admit you made a mistake, I will be leaving sketchfab on my own terms.

You made a mistake, so why do I have to pay for it?


One more thing,

How come you did not announce this to everyone prior?

How did this policy just show up, I dont see any reference in TOS to links being illegitimate?

I feel that this is discriminate in nature.

in order to sort this out, you will need to check everyones sketchfab, for not only bogus links, but for mixamo bone names and download enables.

Are you willing to do that, or are you just single ling out mrbones cause you or we or our think hes an easy target?


Finding it impossible to change stuff, well not quite impossible, but very time consuming and inaccurate. Sometimes the info box shows its changed, sometimes its blank, and sometimes the info is there but I dont trust it, making it impossible to implement any changes without having to verify the change.(takes to long) sorry.


Im Trying to Change all info boxes per request.

Its not going well because, even though the model shows that there is a downloadable, I click on info box to change, and theres no info (its innacurate), this is making it impossible for me to change the info in the info boxes,

Why? because I have to click on each and every page and open it, to see the correct data and status of the download button. And its still not right, extremely frustrating.


Sorry about that. You're talking about the popup after clicking the :mag_right: button in gallery pages? This bug will be fixed soon.


well yea, but its an intermittent problem, which means that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, it just comes up blank

(Timeless3d) #19

Woah, Mr Bones, I remember that name. I downloaded one of your mocap packs a while back, great stuff. I do feel it's always best to just go along with the rules of the website, even if they make the mistake of not making them clear enough previously. Hope you stick around!

btw, Is mixamo actually connected to sketchfab in anyway?


Any reply here yet James, theres an intermintent problem when I try to edit my info boxes


Ok, lookslike this is working acceptable now, I am removing and have removed the entire xpando pak library the paypal links and point to my website now.