Render OK on site - pants on iPhone


(Maxinthebox) #1

Hoping someone has visited this kind of enquiry before... the model render displays OK online on desktop, but on my phone it is awful... is this possibly a texture issue? any suggestions please

(Maxinthebox) #2

just viewed on iPhone6 and looks fine but without shadows... on iPhone5 it breaks up badly!

(Stephomi) #3

Missing shadows on iOS is currently a limitation, it's something we'll work on.

As iPhone5 what do you mean by "breaks"? A crash or a rendering glitch (a screenshot might help in that case).

(Maxinthebox) #4

looks like this on my iPhone5

should look like this

(Stephomi) #5

We know the issue, it's caused by the "displacement" channel.
We'll try to fix it, but no ETA as it's probably a iOS driver bug.

(Maxinthebox) #6

many thanks

(Stephomi) #7

@maxinthebox Is the model working fine now?

(Maxinthebox) #8

hi... just checked and sadly the answer is no. Should I temporarily stop using displacement & stick to bumps? Will that fix it?

(Stephomi) #9

I'm afraid so for the time being, it should fix it for iphone 5.