Render problem from 3dsmax


(Nikubik) #1

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with one model. I use the same import method (.3ds) as with other models, but this time the rendering has an issue. Strange lines appears, as if the geometry was broken. But i check it and there's no problem. When i make a render in 3ds max, it's clean.

Any idea of where does the error come from ?


It's caused by smoothing (and not smoothing) your vertex normals.

.3ds isn't a great format to upload. Have you tried FBX, or OBJ? Or, even better, the 3ds Max Exporter.

(Nikubik) #3

I try to disable the smooth groups in 3ds max, but it doesn't change anything.
That's what you mean by "smoth the vertex normals" ?
On the other hand, using .fbx export resolve the problem. Thank you again :smile:


Great :smile: