Report users (Trashtalk in my case)

Is it possible to report certain users ?

I have a guy who apparently just plain trashtalks in the comments on my models ( uxeeltheProGamer (@uxeeltheProGamer) - Sketchfab ) and wanted to report him, but can’t find an option for it.

For example:

“omfg this looks more like the vagina of your mom hehehehehe…cant even create an AC logo very low skill ma frend 9/11”

“Hahahahah you fgt dont even managed to create a waterfall OMFG…2/10 only sry better uninstall blender u fuckn dickface”

This would be useful too for stuff like offensive material, etc., the usual stuff.

Sorry to hear that! I’ll remove them right away and I’ll contact him. Feel free to send these to too.

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Thank you bart !