Request about the software&skill section of profile settings:


(Don42) #1

Howdy i saw you guys even added Minecraft as a software skill ? :sweat: ...

So since even minecratf is counting as legit skill for you guys it would be awesome to get Roblox developer as skill choice ...

Now you guys probably think : ..what is roblox ? or "hmm roblox ..isnt that this crappy minecraft clone for kids ?"

Well i can only say THIS is Roblox :

(Yurinikolai) #2

Listing every single game that allows modifications would be unreasonable. Minecraft was added because of CraftMaster, a companion app that allows one to create 3d models to use inside of the game. If roblox was added, soon every game would have it's own category.

See here:

(Don42) #3

Ehm dude ..seriously ..? did you even got the point of my post ?

Roblox is not a [edited] simple game which allows modifications Its probably the worlds most easist kid friendly full game development engine .


(Don42) #4

i even risking getting banned cause of your [edited] reply.

(Don42) #5

All this stuff you see in the links was made by the engines own CSG tools ; and all that was possible before this dumb shit minecraft mod came out.

(Don42) #6

but anyways i seriously just better abandon this bullshit here ..bye.


Actually, Minecraft was in the skills list long before CraftMaster was released.

@Don42 Thanks for the feedback, I'll add it to our feature request tracker.

(Bart) #8

@Don42 such verbal agression is not tolerated here. I've edited your comments - consider this a first and final warning.