REQUEST: Display: Hidden edges

(Swami Mathtraveler) #1

This may be more of an export issue than an import or display one. Here's the sketch. And here's a graphic illustrating the situation...

(Swami Mathtraveler) #2

Note that though typically most all edges are desired to be hidden in final renders, in this case they are useful to delineate things, but the diagonals are not necessary, and, in fact, detract:(

(Antparov) #3

It really can be caused by export settings.

It provides auto triangulation.
Try other variants.

I hope it will help.
Good luck.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #4

Thx Anton,

Yes, that looks like the "problem".

This does present a challenge, though: I did see a 'Re-load' option, but the current upload already has annotations, so might have to redo them. Not too big a deal, actually, I guess, but would like to avoid, if possible.

Do you know anything about the Re-load feature? Have you used it? Do you know where any documentation is for it? TIA. Just wanna make sure I don't mess things up and make more work for myself than I have to.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #5

Anton, please don't go to any trouble. I am testing right now with simple files. Just hoped you might already have done this kind of thing. Thx.

(Swami Mathtraveler) #6


OK, initial testing shows that on Re-load the annotations are reapplied:) I don't know what Sketchfab would do with an entirely different reloaded file, but that is not my case at this time.

Also, OBJ export as 'Quads', and as 'Polygons' worked as desired:) Thx. Not sure what the difference is, but either will do.

(Mrchlblng) #7

hey @swami_mathtraveler happy to hear you solved your problems!

We definitively try to preserve the artist work as much as possible and the wireframe is therefore very important. We may still have some formats for which we would tesselate quads but for major formats supporting quads we should be robust and undesired edges are likely exporters issues.
Do not hesitate to tell us if you think the exporetr you use is not using the default settings you would expect!

Regarding the re-upload, the help we provide for this functionality is not very great. One reason is that we are in the process of updating its behavior. So beware that the behavior might change in the future but hopefully with a more explicit user experience!


I've updated the help page to say explicitly what happens (currently) - all your settings will be reset back to defaults, just like the original upload:

(Swami Mathtraveler) #9

Thx @james


(Swami Mathtraveler) #10

Oh, and thx @mrchlblng, too.