Request for access token always return Error 401 not Authorized


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Hi, i follow the documentation for get the a access token Sketchfab Oauth , i have succeded to get the code after compile the form of authorization of sketchfab , after that i invoke a simple POST with the required parameters , all ok i'ts work fine yesterday but today always return error 401 "Not Authorized" i checked my client id ,client secret and code and it'seems all fine the only difference it's i built the code on my home computer and now i'm trying to use that on my company computer, but i don't think it's that the problem.
I miss somehting ? ty in advance greetings.
I premise i work with C Sharp and Visual Basic Code, but i repeat yesterday code work today it's not.

K not sure why but after restart my server now the code work again some issue from my side anyway , my fault.