Request for Proposal - 3D minimal isometric layout for display on website

I am in need of a specialist to help develop a 3D isometric landscape that when viewed from left to right displays a mountain range sloping down to an area including industrial buildings, smoke stacks, storage tanks, and a railroad. The model concludes at the right boundary as a large body of water such as a lake or ocean. I’d like the body of water to present a cross section of depth to have a small boat on the surface where the viewer can see below the boat. Please notify me with a proposal to include cost and schedule along with supporting evidence of your work. Thank you.

Hello, do you need the lanscape to be photorealistic? lowpoly or highpoly?
I think i can do the job, in my sketchfab profile you will find many lowpoly cartoonish models, but i assure you i can do more complex models, i can make an example of a highpoly model if you want, if you think i’m good for the job PM me.

Thank you for your time.