Request for Proposal - 3D minimal isometric layout for display on website

I am in need of a specialist to help develop a 3D isometric landscape that when viewed from left to right displays a mountain range sloping down to an area including industrial buildings, smoke stacks, storage tanks, and a railroad. The model concludes at the right boundary as a large body of water such as a lake or ocean. I’d like the body of water to present a cross section of depth to have a small boat on the surface where the viewer can see below the boat. Please notify me with a proposal to include cost and schedule along with supporting evidence of your work. Thank you.

Hello, do you need the lanscape to be photorealistic? lowpoly or highpoly?
I think i can do the job, in my sketchfab profile you will find many lowpoly cartoonish models, but i assure you i can do more complex models, i can make an example of a highpoly model if you want, if you think i’m good for the job PM me.

Thank you for your time.

Good morning,

Thanks for the response.

The attached file is a screenshot for the idea I’m trying to customize for my use. The second attachment is my definition of 3D isometric minimal style model (white). Take a look at this and tell me if you think it’s doable. The best case scenario would be to start at the left side of screen to begin with a 2D image of a mountain, or building. The 2D would not be a nadir view where our view from the monitor is perpendicular to the image. The image view angle would be less than 90 degrees followed by a gradual transition into a 3D isometric model with grid lines followed by transition to minimal isometric (white) the remaining view would stay as isometric (white) and include a few structures and terminating at the right side at water’s edge.

The above paragraph is best case.

The minimum goal would be to have 3D isometric (white) all the way from left to right and include the key structures I originally listed.

Lastly, I’ve created several 3D meshes from actual structures. Can you take these and create the isometric 3D with minimal style (white, isometric 3D)?

Take a look at the attached and my notes herein and tell me what you think.



Hello, i’ll take a closer look in the night, but is doable, in a few hours i’ll give a better response.