Requesting Tips and Ideal methods to upload larger SketchUp models

Hello Sketchfab Community! I just recently uploaded a SketchUp model of an interior design I did as an experiment. Here’s the link to it The file is around 140mb in size and I tried to Group things properly and reduce junk as much as possible. I did standard ‘Purging Unused’ and removing unwanted objects off the scene. I went through almost similar topics in community and cleared things as much as possible.

My model doesn’t show up or it is taking so much time than expected in the Sketchfab Viewer and Editor. What should I do? Any tips?

Although the maximum for a pro user is 200 mb, 140mb is very large. The model doesn’t load at all, so I think there is something else going on besides size. How many times did you try to upload the model and how did you do it? via an uploader or by uploading it manually?
Could you try to export it in another format and open it in another application?


It finally uploaded. Sort of. It’s a huge model with an enormous amount of textures. maybe reducing the number of textures and again reduce the number of polycounts?

I uploaded via the sketchfab uploader, just once. i didn’t export it to any format or such. I experimented with sizes upto 20mb it worked pretty well, so I went for this interior scene.

Can you suggest some best ways to keep it low and optimised for sketchfab? Model looks clean here, but I do understand. How should I go with this? I would love to see a neat and clean interior VR scene.

first of all: reduce the amount of textures. And try to import it into a normal 3d application. Sketchup is meant for 3d without 3d knowledge and although it can work fine in sketchup itself, that doesn’t mean it’s a good model efficiency-wise.You only have one uv. is that for all the objects or just one?

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I highly recommend reading these two articles about uploading from SketchUp: