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Reset view to center on model?


(Swami Mathtraveler) #1

Hi Sketchfabbers,

Published model came in centered at origin, as desired: nice camera orbiting:) Unfortunately, while adding annotations, I inadvertently panned slightly:( Is there a "center view to object pivot" feature?


Swami Hyper-complex Polytope;)



You can press spacebar or double-click the background ( while in any tab other than Annotations ) to reset the view.


(Swami Mathtraveler) #3

Thx James. And sorry for the delayed reply. Looks like I gotta check my notifications configuration.

(Gilles38) #4

Hi James,
Is there a list of shortcuts for the viewer available somewhere ? For instance shift+2 on my Mac is the shortcut for shadeless.
This double-click option for instance is quite useful. I was also looking for shortcuts to view the model in frontview, topview, sideview ....


@gilles38 it should just be '2'. not shift+2.

Either click help ('?') in the viewer and go to All Controls, or visit:

(Aleahy) #6

Probably should add an obvious UI button for this in the 'General' tab in '3D Settings' interface.
Not just a keyboard/mouse click.

[x] Reset center

I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how I managed to "move my model" off to one side, I think it was because I was working in VR tab, and then figuring out how to get it back again.



(Kerwink) #7

@james This is kind of an interesting problem… i.e. because unless instructed, a general user viewing sketchfab models with annotations will not know to do this… however, having the model automatically translate back to its orbit origin when an annotation dialog looses focus, could also be a bit annoying to the user experience.

I have not searched viewer API methods yet, but am curious if one should desire to have the view center reset automatically after an annotation dialog closes, are there methods available to accomplish this? e.g. settings or api.


@kerwink The Viewer API does have a cameraLookAt methods that allow you to set the camera position and target on the fly. You could combine this with annotationSelect / annotationUnselect events to get the behavior you want.

(Kerwink) #9

Thx James, I will experiment with that sometime… and may add a “View Reset” button on the page that will bring everything back to a home position for the user… i.e. and re-center the view orbit.