Reset view to saved location


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I've recently added annotations to a model of mine that is an enclosed scene replicating a painting. I noticed that after viewing the annotations, if I attempt to use spacebar or double-click to reset the view, rather then returning to the saved view location (the location I set to match the painting) it pans out to an orientation that has the entire scene in the center of the screen. Is there some way to get back to the original view without reloading the model?

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For reference, and to get an idea of what I am talking about, this is the model I am referring to:

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Hi @skyeshark,

you can use "Reset camera view", which is located in the Help panel of the viewer:

We know that the location isn't ideal. Where would you expect such functionality to be located? Your answer could help us improve that.

Another solution could be adding an annotation for the initial point of view.

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Oh! Thanks! Why doesn't the double-click/spacebar reset it the view in the same manner? I think that would be more useful then having it reset to center.


An easier way to reset to the author's default view would be nice, but I do also use the reset to center a lot.

Do you guys think it would make sense to have the default view as a kind of "0th" annotation?

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Oo yes! Absolutely, that solves the whole issue I was having, if you can just cycle back to the main view as a 0 spot annotation and also have it automatically clear the text boxes without having to click (right now you have to click somewhere off the annotation as well as use the reset view button in the toolbar from what I can see).

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yup , on most client viewer stuff with annotations I always have to add an annotation for the start view, so real world usage points to that need multiple times already.

I guess the only tricky thing now is for users who dont want the default camera view to be part of the annotation list.. how to handle that scenario. You will have to have a button in the annotations inspector in the editor to say "inject default view in cycle" or something.

I think there is a bigger problem and a better solution lurking underneath this , and I have brought it up several times before... annotations are the only way to get "camera presets"

Sketchfab needs to split this logic. Technically all the functionality is already there. You just need to add a little extra logic.

rename annotations to "camera presets and annotations" , use the existing functionality to store camera presets, like you do annotations except adding text is not mandatory.. because you are firstly storing camera presets. Then for each stored preset in the list you can optionally choose to add an annotation to that preset.

In a nut shell it is saying make the current annotation system not require text.

but in the data for the viewer , you should be able to retrieve the camera presets, and if needed choose to filter the preset based on whether they have an annotation or not. While the camera presets are part of an index list , annotations are stored in a separate index list, the just use a lookup table to map to the relevant camera preset.

You can then still use functions like GotoAnnotation , and pass an annotation index, which maps to the annotation data and via the lookup list maps to the relevant camera preset index for moving the camera. I hope that makes sense.


This model is a bit heavy, but it's an interesting example of using annotations as saved views by keeping the tooltip off screen:

(Shaderbytes) #9

Sure ive seen similar but ideally it is just a hack/workaround and of coarse they are not truly offscreen because the user can still interact with the scene and see them there :slight_smile:

My solution is rock solid and will satisfy both conditions or having camera presets and annnotations

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You know, while we are on the subject, there is also the somewhat related issue of annotations in animated scenes where almost everything is moving. On my Volo Urbano scene I originally tried to link the annotations to the moving parts but that caused an issue with closer camera views --- when the camera view is close to the moving object, the text box will jump around all over the place and be very hard to read, I had to add hidden alpha planes to dock my annotations to so that they wouldn't suffer from this problem.

Overall, the best solutions to all these issues seem to be doable in a package that works like the following:

-Have camera present/annotation options that are independently moveable without having to be docked to geometry, in the same way lights can be moved (initially dock them on double-click but also allow them to be grabbed using arrow and rotation sliders and moved around).

-Allow these independent objects to be toggled between having annotations or not and/or showing their number in the 3d space or hiding it.

-Allow option to automatically add a no text/no number (by default but still addable like other camera/annotation objects) camera preset object for the default saved view if a box is checked.