Restoring a deleted model

It is possible to restore a model that was deleted e.g. one week ago, or, e.g. one day ago? Assuming that the user wanted to restore the model exactly as it was setup with all files etc.

It’s not possible for the end user, but yes, it’s possible on our end for admins as long as the page still says “This model has been deleted”. Once it’s been hard deleted and the page throws a 404, it’s gone forever.

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ok. Cool, good to know because it takes hours to setup these bad boys! :slight_smile:


How can I recover deleted templates? I have two missing models that are deleted without deleting them

I’ve replied in a PM as my answer contains some sensitive data.

Greetings everyone. What would be the procedure for restoring deleted models?
I have deleted 2 models (sandbox game builds) because i wasn’t sure about the copyright, but now, I was informed by the developers of the game that I can use them on sketchfab, so it would be very convenient if they could be restored. Thank you.

@paprikajlo can you share the URLs?

I have uploaded almost 12 to 16 models,
All of them are deleted.
Any idea how can I recover all of them ?

Please update me on this,
This will be really helpful.

We’ll contact you about this issue by email!

I am having the same issue. Please share, how I can restore deleted models.

Sending a request via the support form is probably the best way to get this done:

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That is the correct answer. Please also note that deleted models are permanently removed from our servers after 30 days.

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