Retro Pinball lowpoly Fish quest animated

Hi guys,
I would like to show my last piece. I have created a retro pinball similar to one I played with my friends years ago. It is animated and to get the light effect I had to make a trick creating 4 more animated boards that overlap to create the light illusion.
I hope you like it and insert coin.


Hi, nice job on this, good idea with the overlapping image to get the lights, but i think you could have made just the one texture and have the light parts transparent + roughness and have strong emssive planes underneath those areas flashing, this would mean you have more control of the strength of the bloom/glow, you can create interesting patterns of lighting across the board, but also makes it more flexible for people who might want to download it , well just a suggestion anyway, but great job on this anyway!

Ohh thanks tycho. I really appreciate your idea. I have another project in mind and I will set up the lights in your way. Anyway, I think I will leave just it is right now but I am going to retouch a little the glass and some texture. Thanks. :grin:

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I am happy to announce that the static version has been staffpicked. See it here: