Reupload makes no difference?

since I haven’t figured out how to contact someone at Sketchfab Direct, I’ll try here.
On my last upload, when I tried to do a reupload, it doesn’t seem to work. The new file fixes an error and when I import this file into another Blender file, it is also how I would like to upload it here, only it doesn’t seem to replace the file.
Hope someone can help me with this.


Hi Palurdas,

I am not sure but perhaps you might not know they changed the re-upload system recently.
If you where not aware of the new system this is how it works.

When you Re-upload something, you will see it go to this page, If you see on the right , this is where it shows the progress of the processing.

Once the upload is done processing this button will appear

and when you click it you will be brought to this page here.
You have to approve the new version of the upload by clicking the Chose Re-uploaded Model

Hi hope this was your issue and it helps.


No thats not the problem i am really long here and i alredy know this.

The pockets are the problem but I can say with certainty that it is not the file, I have considered everything and there is no explanation for me why they should be flipped like that. Therefore I suspect that it does not work with the reupload.