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Review and criticism for models made by a newbie

(The Timeburner) #1


I am new to 3d modelling and I am self educated through tutorials for a year now.I would like to ask for anyone to review my models. Tell me what you think of it,textures and maps aside. Just the models themselves.

Give me advice how I can learn and be better at this.

Zeal & Fury!

(Shaderbytes) #2

Hi Timeburner

I had a look at Eldar Witchblade and sentinel. Proportions are good in general and the geometry is nice and clean so all good there. You could have perhaps beveled a few edges on the sentinel , they are all hard edges currently. I did see you used bevel on the sword so I know you know about it.

You really should work on finishing a model texture wise , it will draw way more attention. People generally wont even click on a model thumbnail when they see its not textured. I mean you have 6 models uploaded - all of them not textured.


(Dark Minaz) #3

Hi Timeburner

I quite like your witchblade and your blackbird and the dreadnought, on the first you did use a bit to many polys on the round orbs, 1 smooth less would probably still look mostly the same.

Overall your modeling seems fine, some areas have a slightly to high poly count but overall they look great. Quite like the fact that most of your topology is kept in nice quads.

I would give the blade a nice texture (and if you don't want to do it yourself you can send it to me and i would do it, currently trying to learn more about textures anyway, so a model that isn't mine would help it). Since that would give it some more views.

(The Timeburner) #4


Thank you very much for replying.

@shaderbytes, I am currently just trying to master modelling without textures,yet. I am trying to model much complicated objects,before I move on to texturing.As of now,I havent touched UVW unwrapping.I am very much into making models that can stand as is,without any textures,but I will soon learn texturing,as per your advice.

@dark_minaz, Hey,yes,you can use my models for your own sake. Just credit me if youre gonna post it.

Eldar Witchblade

(Dark Minaz) #5

Oh great :smiley:
had some issues with your Uv so i redid that, ill post the private model link to you first, and if that is alright with you set it to public then. (of course with links to you, in the hope some more people look at your work)

(The Timeburner) #6

No problem at all. :smile: