Revit 2021 & 2022

April '21 - Is there any development on an add-in for 2021-2022 Revit to convert/upload a model/project to SketchFab? I have the Sketchfab add-in on my Revit '19 on an old laptop but all new projects are done on my new laptop and updated Revit release, which is driven by of course the Architects.

I’m afraid we don’t have a timeline for you; our plugin was made by an external developer and we’re having trouble reaching him to commission an update. I added you to the case and you will be notified when we have a new version.

I’d love to see an uploader for Revit 2022 as well! Please keep us updated. Sketchfab is my go-to for uploading models for client review.

Bump - any updates on this? Revit 2020 through 2023 (about to release) is needed!

We’re getting close to posting an update - I’ll let you know here.

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Will there be an updated exporter for Revit to SketchFab?

Many thanks

@sanjshah I have moved your post into this existing topic. We have an update pending and are waiting for the Autodesk store to accept it. We’ll post an update here when it becomes available.

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