Revit exporter cant log in. Entitlement problem


(Ejnaren) #1


I have downloaded the Revit Exporter but I am having trouble logging in.
When clicking the sketchfab button a dialog pops up with the message:
"User do not have entitlement to use the App"
Then there is only a “close” button and no info on where or how to solve the problem.

What am I to do in this case?



Looks like it’s related to the Autodesk authentication.

Here are some suggestions from the Autodesk team:

Below are the scenarios which may be affecting users to run the app:

· If user have installed the ‘Revit Live’ app, then they need to uninstall it once and then they need to check your app.

· And also, they need to make sure that, they have logged in to A360 within Revit, using the same credentials which they have used to download the app from the store.