Revit to Sketchfab - Materials


I’m trying to Export to Sketchfab from Revit Plugin, but my model stay all white. Somebody can help me?


I’m looking at “Schama” and the textures seem to have come in ok.

And “Layout Hidrossanitário” didn’t use the Revit Plugin.

I tried some things and it worked.

Now my problem is when I try to export a cutoff box but the following error appears in Portuguese “Pilha Vazia”

It’s probably this:

Hi, anyone have succcess to export models through the revit plugin?

There will be a new version of the Revit plugin available on the Autodesk App store soon, hopefully in the next few days!

It will fix several issues with missing materials and failed uploads. I’ll keep you posted.

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any prediction about the plugin?

It’s currently being reviewed by the Autodesk plugin team. I hope it will be ready soon!

An update to the Revit Exporter add-in was just published, and it should be more reliable now:

all my materials come out scaled incorrectly from revit. the tiling is never ever right?

Can you share a sample file?

My name is Peter and I have ha same issue, with the missing material. I can see material names from the material list, but i cant see the texture on the model only the basecolor.

in revit i can see this:1|690x298 If you need, i can send you this little test revit file.
I look forward to your answer.