Revit to Sketchfab

(Suiyukliu) #1


From REVIT I export FBX. When viewing the uploaded FBX on Sketchfab, the model is upside down.

Any suggestions?

I have also tried exporting DWF and the model is turned 90 degrees on either the X or Y axis.




Hi Sui,

You can see instructions here:

(Rafapavao) #3

Thanks a lot. I imported the Revit file on sketchfab , a house with its garden . the problem is that it's all white. How do I get to see the color of the roof and the garden ?


Getting materials our of Revit can be tricky without going through other software like 3ds Max.

Are your materials listing in 3D Settings?

(Andrea Iz Laris) #5

How can I import materials from Revit to Sketchfab so my model is not all white?


Sorry I forgot to update this post. We recently launched an Exporter plugin for Revit:

(Andrew Branch) #7

I just attempted this new exporter for the first time today, unfortunately I’m receiving an error immediately after clicking Upload that states Empty Stack. Any ideas as to what this error might refer to?

I’m excited by the potential of this new tool, thank you!


It’s probably the same as this:

(Andrew Branch) #9

This particular project was opened from the BIM 360 Team/Design cloud service… opening it Detached worked! Though a lot of materials weren’t transferred on the upload, unfortunately.

(Theaeroscout) #10

Hi guys, I downloaded the new Revit-to-Sketchfab plugin today but get an error as well. See screenshot below. Any ideas on what I need to do please?


What version of Revit are you using?