Revolver gun WIP opinions


(Thechosenone) #1

Im currently working on a idea i drew more than a year ago of a rifle that looks like a revolver and is meant for robots to use .

Here is a early sketch and reference image i used.
And here is how it currently looks.

I still have a long way to go and hope it turns out right! :smiley:
I just wanted to post it here and share so i could get feedback as i go so it can get better.The design i was going for is sharp and boxy (as you see) but still looking to add some small details here and there.
And im modeling it in Blender,my favorite modeling software so far.
And after im done with modeling the low poly and high poly im planing to use substance painter as well to give it a even better look.

Also im currently studying (learning) modeling and learning to use blender and maybe 3ds max,so if you have any good tips for a starter like me,say it :smiley:

And please feel free to leave your opinion,comment or critique on it! i will be more than happy to listen :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #2

reup the pics, best directly in the forum, both of yours are sadly 404 :smile:

(Thechosenone) #3

whaat? xD i see it know,they were there when i posted this.Why would they dissapear?
Oh yeah now i remember,i changed their place on photobucket.
Dumb me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dark Minaz) #4

looks quite nice so far,
is the robot supposed to hold it kinda like a plugin?
My knowledge of guns is rather limited but how would this fire? most guns have some part that kinda kickback.

I don't see anything bad so far with the modeling, maybe a wireframe shot would be nice for that.

(Thechosenone) #5

the robot is suppose to hold it like a regular rifle.
Ill make a simple robot to hold it so you can see the proportions and how he holds it.

Oh yeah forgot to mention that,i didnt do the trigger yet,cause its simple and i dont want it in the way yet.
And it would fire and function like a regular revolver,thats why it has a muzzle brake (the holes at the front) to reduce vertical recoil since it will fire quite large shells.

And the joint under the drum is the joint for the barrel to roll down so the bullets can be swapped.

And i will show the wireframe tomorrow with the robot dummy :smile:

(Thechosenone) #6

The rail is actually a piece of the barrel i just painted it a bit differently so its not everything the same color.

I watched a lot modeling tuts and in most if not all they keep saying that having squares that are equal is a must.But than i see some of the weapon models and they dont have that at all! so if anybody can just explain a bit about that,thanks.I know equal squares are for models that will deform,does that mean still objects can just be made straight out of ngons?

A little something i was playing around with.
Wanted to make both this variant and a variant with swapped colors,and a pink-cyan variant! :smiley:

As you might see here i added the trigger and a few details here and there.
Im trying for a look combining sci-fi look and rigid,classic look of a revolver,having a few bolts here and there sticking out.

Im thinking of adding a rail at the bottom that is tucked in the bottom part of the barrel a bit so the entire thing is not sticking out but im not sure about that.

Also im trying to decided how the drum would look.As currently it looks very basic/default.I was thinking about making it a bit more boxy and sharp and add a few lights that indicate if there is a bullet in the chamber.

I would really love to hear any suggestions on any of the parts! :smiley:

And here are the rest of the views and how the robot would hold it

Im still not 100% sure about the proportions,both the bot and the gun.Im thinking that the bot is bigger than a average human about 2.5m so the gun would be a little bit smaller than a human.

The reason why the muzzle brake has a lot of polygons is that i used a boolean operation to cut the hole.I will when im finished optimize the holes.
Also the guard and the joint should and will be combined with the barrel as the barrel rotates downward with the drum in order to change the bullets.

(Elbriga) #7

Quads are not a big requirement for something of this nature, but N-gons aren't ideal, tris instead will avoid bad shading surprises! Unless you know what you're doing ^^
However note that having a smooth quads flow can really help modelling, it's good practice and it can avoid some messy geometry that won't look too good. Plus it works alot better with subdivision surface. If you make a mistake while having messy geometry, you might end up having to redo a whole part of the model!
While your gun is looking good according to the concept, there are parts where having better topology would actually help, like the back of the gun. But looks good enough so far ^^

Well, this is looking really cool, can't wait to see it go further :smile:

(Thechosenone) #8

Yeah i saw that ngons get really bad smooth shading which is why i added a loop to some circular pieces which you cant see here.And i kept it all quads since i wasn't sure if ngons would work.I agree with the everything being harder if you have tris thats why i kept playing safe and keeping everything in quads.

a few loops more cant hurt?
Since some of the models i saw even have interior faces so me having a few more vertices on the surface wont be that big of a deal xD.

And also how important and how big of a impact do shading groups have? The ones im 3ds max,since im using blender and there is no such thing as that only edge split which just doubles the vertices count on the edges making the smooth shading a bit better.

(Elbriga) #9

About the vertex count: unless you are making this for a mobile platform or really need a low polycount, you can pretty much add alot of geometry, modern games can use tens of thousands vertices just for a gun ^^ I'd say you're very far from that here I bet. Some models run 1M+ polys on sketchfab, and it's only a browser renderer ^^

I couldn't tell about shading groups as I'm a blender user myself ^^

(Thechosenone) #10

I agree.Now that technology is growing at a ridiculous rate it doesn't matter all that much the complexity of the model as long as the idea is good.
And as far as i saw the shading groups give the same result as the edge split modifier,except it doesn't duplicate vertices just changes how the shading works.