RGM-79 Mobile Suit

An old model i had in my folder and i wanted to complete it! My first fan 3d made project I decided to do on my favorite grunt mobile suit the RGM-79 i actually really like this mobile suit and to be honest i really love under dog mecha’s and cannon fodders and the GM is actually one of my favorite mobile suits, I’ve got a few gunpla kit builds of a few of them actually and this was quite fun to make due to the simple shapes.


The only thing I would say is that you use standard Substance Painter materials and Masks.
In Inspector i can’t see any baked normal maps :confused: I watched a cartoon with a very similar robot :slight_smile:

yeah unfortunately i really rushed this work haha and was planning to make a beat up or scratched model but I’m using a pretty old laptop so substance painter is just sucking most of my performance haha and i just wanted to make a generic low poly GM from 0079, though I do feel like going back to this mobile suit and redesigning it one day

Look’s cool, is nice to know another gundam fan. Hope you can find the time to improve this design.

I never thought to encounter a GM fan, personally I don’t like the federation’s mobile suits of that time, I prefer zeon’s mobile suits instead, specially the old classic zaku II, it’s just an adorable cyclops.

By the way I’m working on a cartoon looking version of the Zeta Gundam.

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oooooft damn that looks sick. hella sick. I love the Zaku Type-II! They’re my favorites! I just really like under dog cannon fodder suits haha.

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