Rhino texture .rmtl issue


(Ripvannik) #1

I've uploaded both obj and mtl from a basic rhino model.
Not all textures are available to import in sketchfab though.

I have tried to save the missing texture into a local file using rhino, but it only allows it to be saved as .rmtl, which isn't compatible.

Anyone familiar with this situation ?

Many Thanks.



OBJ + MTL + textures from Rhino are usually very reliable. Are you perhaps using some of its built-in material libraries rather than typical mapped textures?

Could you send me a sample Rhino file (+textures)?


(Ripvannik) #3

Thanks for the reply !
here is the fab file : https://skfb.ly/RvqM
here are the rhino files:
flat ex.mtl (781 Bytes)
flat ex.obj (230.6 KB)

All the textures are from the rhino materials library, but only the plastic isnt showing in sketchfab.
I'm just getting started with 3d models / rhino / sketchfab so please forgive any obvious errors !


(Ripvannik) #4

Hi James.
Not sure if you got these links ? i have update the model again as i must have logged out without saving after posting yesterday.

The sketch fab model has some textures on it from different sources, some are downloads from substance share. Some from Rhino.

I have some more complex models, derived from laser scans that i want to be able to apply materials to in future but just learning the basics at the moment.




Sorry, I did not have a chance to look yet. Will do ASAP.



Hmm, something weird might be happening when Rhino exports the files. Do you mind sending me the orignal rhino file and textures? You can email them if you prefer: support@sketchfab.com

(Ripvannik) #7

flat ex.3dm (2.6 MB)
Textured Plastic.rmtl (3.1 MB)
Here is the rhino file.
The textured plastic material is also attached here that is not available in sketch fab


Maybe it will work if you find and upload the bump texture it's using?

(Ripvannik) #9

Hi james.
Thanks again for the reply.
I had a dig around in the rhino material editor and located the bit map texture, which was just a png of some gravel !
I think i need to look into rhino / materials etc in a bit more detail, but at least i know i can extract some materials and move them to a local file to use in sketch fab.

For now, i'll work on the rule that only png and jpeg's are compatible with SF and see what results i get until i become more familiar with creating models.

Kind Regards.


Let us know how it goes!

We do support other image types (TGA, TIFF, BMP....), but they need to be uploaded with the model file(s). Also, weird path names or file names (special characters, etc.) could break the matching.

I suspect that Rhino does not automatically export these textures, and instead does some matching within its own material library, I really don't know :confused: