Ripping models from sketchfab

I recently removed the majority of my models from sketchfab dot com, because they are available (along with thousands of other sketchfab models) here:

[site information removed]

So, monies from model authors work is not going to these authors, but going directly to the makers of this website and it’s associated tools.

I am not a professional modeller, nor am I an ‘important’ cog in the 3d world however, surely something should be done about sites like this?

Isn’t this a blatant disregard of not only the sketchfab members’ rights, but also sketchfab privacy policy

Therefore; what action can be taken to protect sketchfab’s members?

For reference, here is the info gathered from a simple whois domain look-up

[site information removed]

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We’re aware and are constantly taking measures to prevent this, see:

I have removed the site information from your post as we don’t want to advertise them for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

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Forget ripping tools, sites like (removed) make it easy as downloading a YouTube video for any old bloke. This is just sad.

And they have the audacity to charge users for their ripping service too!

Why isn’t Sketchfab taking any action against these sites?

As mentioned above, we do not allow sharing links to such sites here for obvious reasons and I removed them from your post. We’re taking this very seriously, but I can’t disclose our exact measures here, sorry.

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is hacking Sketchfab and ripping models still that easy as it was all the years till now according to search results in search engines?
what is the current view on that.
There are still rippers available online and even in new development like the Hack Pro or Ninja Ripper and TONS of tutorials on youtube how to ripp and download models on Sketchfab with a bit JS.
I pay for a Pro subscription and don´t want to be an idiot to even pay for that I will
be robbed in future when uploading more models, more expensive models, that´s why I ask how is the current security level in that legendary
issue on Sketchfab as of today, in March, 2023?

Ripping has definitely become much more difficult than a few years ago and to our knowledge, no ‘click and play’ ripping scripts exist anymore. For more information, please see our Help Center.