Ripping models from sketchfab

I recently removed the majority of my models from sketchfab dot com, because they are available (along with thousands of other sketchfab models) here:

[site information removed]

So, monies from model authors work is not going to these authors, but going directly to the makers of this website and it’s associated tools.

I am not a professional modeller, nor am I an ‘important’ cog in the 3d world however, surely something should be done about sites like this?

Isn’t this a blatant disregard of not only the sketchfab members’ rights, but also sketchfab privacy policy

Therefore; what action can be taken to protect sketchfab’s members?

For reference, here is the info gathered from a simple whois domain look-up

[site information removed]


We’re aware and are constantly taking measures to prevent this, see:

I have removed the site information from your post as we don’t want to advertise them for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

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