Rise of the murlocs (FINISHED)


(Chris Kam) #1

Are you sure about the weakness of the Murlocs?
Are you thinking that they can't fight against the invasion?
Don't understimate their strength and hero soul,because they'll fight to protect their home, they'll fight to defend us!

(Michael Calvert) #2

What kind of scene are you thinking of making? Love to hear more specifics and see some sketches.

(Chris Kam) #3

My diorama is a fight scene never seen before.
It's a battle of an heroic Murlocs group vs the evil forces of demons. This team is composed by the most powerfull Murlocs around Azeroth, each Murloc is aunique character with different personality.

This is my first sketch

(Chris Kam) #5

More clear concept

(Dark Minaz) #7

haha nice, looks like mordekaise with his "come at me broh" and murky with "for sparta mothafucka"

looks pretty cool so far. Do you plan on adding some mutation to some of the murlocs like they tried to accept fel to protect their nation?

(Chris Kam) #8

defining scene and color palette


Love the sketches! Can't wait to see this in 3D!

(Chris Kam) #10

Scenary concept (Murloc village)

(Chris Kam) #11

After different ideas and sketches, I have made the final concept with characters and scenary.

(Chris Kam) #12

I don't add mutations at the moment

(Tgi) #13

Love this! Poor murlocs can't get a break.

(Rosa Iglesias) #14

Wow, the concept looks really amazing!
Cant wait to see the final model :smiley:

(Chris Kam) #15

I'm was tinking about the lore and scenery concept and I dicided to change the Fel guard to ohter kind of demon more concordant to the diorama and narrative. I have made a sketch of the Infernal Doombringer.
Now, on the diorama story, the Infernal has fallen from the sky to a Murloc village near to the coast, he has corrupted the enviroment with the Fel fire. Murlocs will fight to protect their home.

(Chris Kam) #16

Blocking the head of Infernal Doombringer, WIP_1

(Chris Kam) #17

Infernal Doombringer, hard surface modeling (torso), WIP_2
the head have been fixed

(Paulchambers3d) #18

Really nice concept artwork!


Beautiful concept art and the models are coming along really nicely

(Chris Kam) #20

Thank you!, I take a break from the demon modeling and now Im making another ilustration with more detailed scene, because I need achieve a better look for the complete composition and I'm not totally happy with the result so far, is not clear yet. Also I need define the proportions and pose of the Infernal demon.
I'll upload an image soon :smiley:

(Chris Kam) #21

finally, my scene with the new demon and Murlocs is complete. Now I will continue working on the model :slight_smile:

(Chaitanyak) #22

incredible artwork!
cant wait to see the modelling progress