Ritual of Demonic Binding

(Tetragon) #1

Hello Sketchfab community, first time entering a contest. I really want to try and make this work with my current work schedule.

My idea is to explore the actual ritual that a hero becoming a demon hunter must undergo. I have pulled info from some books and awesome videos on youtube. From what I have gathered there are three key steps to initiating the ritual.

  1. Capture and sacrifice a demon.
  2. Bind a portion of the sacrificed creatures spirit in to the hero.
  3. Burn out your physical eyes with a magical blade to attain something much more.

I want to try and communicate these actions through the environment and perhaps explore and instance when the ritual goes bad. I know this may not be 100% lore accurate but thought it would be fun, I hope to get started soon. Good luck everyone!

(Michael Calvert) #2

You can totally do it. This is a great idea. Would be interesting to see some of the research videos you pulled.

(Tetragon) #3

Thanks :slight_smile: will work hard. Sure the video I took a look at was from good ole Nobbel87 Demon Hunter Lore


I like the research with the video -- can't wait to see where this ends up!

(Nomadking) #5

Great idea @tetragon. Sounds like a LOT of work, but hopefully you can pull it off :slight_smile:

(Tetragon) #6

Hey peeps, there has been so many really awesome updates. You guys are killin it! I wanted to share some work in progress shots of what I have so far. Its a little slow going for me with work and overall just not doing a lot of environments, but slowly I will get there. Gonna dial back a little from my initial pitch, gonna focus primarily on the ritual of killing a demon and binding its soul to the demon hunter.

The idea is they call in a demon from the portal and instead of shackling the demon and just killing it the first test of the trainee demon hunter is to fight and kill the demon in a small arena, from there once the kill has been made, the ritual can continue. More of the story will be fleshed out as i flesh the scene out, portal texture is just placeholder, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

(Pear) #7

looking good :~)

(Bart) #8

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Tetragon) #9

Hey all, really impressed with all the cool updates. I have been slow with the updates but wanted to share with you all some of the props that I have finished that will be some of the models decorating my scene.

Really trying to work none stop on this project to get it done, not sure if I will make it in time but will do my best. Diffuse only hand painted style takes so long :confounded:

(Chaitanyak) #10

these are pretty good!

i havnt reached this stage of textures yet :frowning:

(Tetragon) #11

Well here we are, somehow some way I was able to finish this project. Really surprised that I was able to do it in time. I think all the awesome entries helped me stay motivated. Hopefully you guys and gals like what I have done, I look forward to seeing all the awesome final submissions.