Robin Dao: Death Star 2 Core run

(Robin Dao) #1

Hello Sketchfab,

I chose the Death Star 2 core tunnel run as my theme.

This image below is my main inspiration, and I will take a lot of the elements seen here.

My goal is to create a painterly scene in the style of Ralph Mcquarrie's original concept art. I love the clean sharp lines in all of his paintings. My modeling and texture will try to reflect his style as best I can. My approach will be purely hand painted textures with no use of normal or specular/gloss maps, the modeling will be low poly; major emphasis on texture work.

The paintings below define the look I am trying to go for.

And finally to get the ball rolling I have begun my modeling phase and have an 80% complete Millenium Falcon mesh.

Thanks everyone,
Robin Dao

(Bart) #2

Cool, welcome on board! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations.

Also, please keep an eye on the official contest forum thread and be sure to 'watch' it so you'll receive notifications (instructions are on the forum):

(Romainrevert) #3

My favorite scene of all saga !
You plan to do animated or annotations ? Can't wait to see the combinaison of McQuarrie and Low Poly !

(Robin Dao) #4

Thanks Bart I'll make sure to watch it

(Robin Dao) #5

Romainrevert I plan to do annotations first, and if I have the time I'll go for animation.