Robot and Human team-up

(Dauntlessgames) #1

These two will be the playable characters for our cooperative couch game.
I love to hear feedback or suggestions :smile:

The next step will be to add some more details and to optimize the topology

Character team-pose by Dauntless Games on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

Very nice! The human character seems a bit too relaxed to me - he's obviously in a perilous situation, so I'd expect his stance to be a bit more adrenaline-fueled :smile:

Which apps did you use for this?

ps: I've fixed your embed :wink:

(Dauntlessgames) #3

Thanks mate, I was struggling with the embed

My partner in crime used Zbrush and Maya for the human and I myself am more of a 3ds max guy and used it to model the robot.

Adjusting the facial expressions is a good idea for the future, makes it feel a bit more action packed :grin:

(Bart) #4

Not just the facial expression - I think his entire body should be more 'ready for action'. More tension, ready for action. What do you think?

(Dauntlessgames) #5

yeah definitively worth checking out! Usually in these situation you (the creator) are really surprised when you see the before and after, once you made some adjustments like your suggestion

(Dauntlessgames) #6

It's been a while, but here an update to one of the characters. :smile:
material created in substance painter

Human Character by Dauntless Games on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #7

his neck seems rather long.
But looks better than your first version of the idea. Reminds me a bit on gangs of new york.
Since you did that much progress on the human charakter, i kinda want t o know how far the robot evolved :smiley:

(Dauntlessgames) #8

robot is still very similar mesh wise :smile:
just added more geometry around the face, gave him some eyes and mouth

(Davidfbarruz) #9

Goood job mate!
I think you could level up your works if you learn a little moer about posing.
Visitid my pinterest for references and tutorials.

Keep it up!

(Dauntlessgames) #10

Thanks for the tip, and subbed :grin:

(Dauntlessgames) #11

update to the robot

Robot Offensive Stance by Dauntless Games on Sketchfab

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #12

Ok don't be mad i'm a teacher of 3D so some things bother me more than other :wink:

  1. Scale !! there in so scale in the model or in the UV . On some part of the texture you can see fine details but on other you can see pixels ;(.
  2. Concept , somebody, something make this robot so why we have tiny bolts and ONE BIG CAP on elbow and knee? Its look now like collaboration Tinkerbell and Ogr :wink: I look at this cap and wonder how big the screwdriver need to be to screwed this screw.

I like the design but look at some tool box and see how small and how big screwdriver you can get there and try to keep all bolts, nut, rivets in this range. About UV first reset history of the mesh then in UV editor select all islands and press unify scale. If you have same scale on all UV islands so this can be fault of the texture quality.

(Dauntlessgames) #13

hehe you don't have to cover your bases, you took the time out of your day to point these things out so I appreciate it :smile:

the uv thing.. the stupid thing is I know this stuff and mostly apply this knowledge but during development we changed some things up and the blades got bigger and got separated out in their own uv (as well as the gear) and the sword holster got a bit stretched to accommodate for the bigger sword without tweaking the uv. I got a bit messy because of it, everything was tightly packed before. I'll have to revisit it when I have the time

As for the bolts, totally right, I just slapped them on there without applying some logic to it, it sounds so obvious now once you pointed it out

thanks for the feedback !