Rocking UFO with homegrown sounds


(Rybird) #1

Hello, Thank you for the opportunity and fun challenge. I moved this to it's own thread as per others.
I worked though to finish, so no WIP , however I did change the light and textures.
but the sounds are final.
All sounds are my own production.
There is a full length track called Logans Craft Cat Cruising at:
Below is the shortened description to fit available space.

The model contains sounds created for the Sketchfab Sound Challenge
The first track is ambient bass drone created from a recording of a robin
singing. I dropped the pitch and used effects with NI Guitar Rig 5.
The second track is also recording of the bird, dropped in pitch with
automated effects creating a rhythm. The third track is a recording of
our washing machine modified using humanizing sequencers and filters
to sound like an alien grunting
The fourth track I recorded a kitten meowing and used harmonizers and filters, to give a melody.
The last track I used an effect from Guitar Rig 5 called container for an abstract like percussion track.
AE Logan's Craft II is from the Flying Machines gallery here:
Project created by Rybird of Dabble Bird
Here is my finished contribution.


Thanks for making your own thread. Awesome how you made all those sounds!

(Rybird) #3

Thank you!, Have a beautiful day! :slight_smile:


Deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding on, if you'd like!

(Rybird) #5

Can I "add" a submission?
But good idea, to add something I have an idea. thank you!

(Nathanwondrak) #6

I hope you add another, That's awesome seeing how your style carried over into sound, and I would love to see some more.

(Rybird) #7

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Sure! No limit to the amount of submissions!

(Rybird) #9

I added a doorway where it is easier to zoom into the spacecraft , however the sounds positions are all wrong and they jump around both in firefox and explorer. It's like they are magnetized and pushing away from each other and really sporadic response. In other words, the sounds are wrong and it's unpresentable. Can you fix that please?
The url is
It is also on this model here
I wonder if it is an adobe flash problem?
ON the latter model, I was wanting the sounds in each of the pods of the space station
ON the first flying saucer, which is in the contest. there is one ambient sound, then four or five 3d sounds spaced apart within the interior of the ship. I would like to fix these for the contest please.
and I added a model to the contest. It's sounds are correct so I won't try to re-position them here.
Please help,
Thank you

(Rybird) #10

For the sake of the contest. the first model., spaceship one , the sounds are close enough, I upgraded the sounds to more length and variety.
But other models I can't position the sounds coherently.


We're looking over it-- thought it was fixed recently. We'll update you as soon as something gets resolved.

(Rybird) #12

Thank you!,
If not, the model still is suitable for showing. Just the sounds are mostly the same place instead of spread apart, It only makes it different, not worse.Have a beautiful evening. Cheers!