Rodrimart #3December Entries

(Rodrimart) #1

Hi u all, im a bit late but better late than never. I’ll list here my daily models.

(Rodrimart) #2

#3December Day 1: Winter coat
Fist impressions are crucial so, as i had the whole day free, i gave my best.
I was going to do a simple magicall coat in zbrush, but it seemed so lonely that i had to create a carrier. Unfortunatly i didnt have enough time to do a proper remesh, but as the fibermesh is really really high it wouldnt have done that much.
Probably not phone-friendly, so you better check it in your computer.
Oh, i also composed a little song that matched the scene, hope u also enjoy it.
Cheers u all, see you tomorrow.

(Nonlly) #3

Man, this is amazing… my jaw dropped. I love it so sooo much!

(Machiya) #4

Lovin’ the music

(LennyLennbo) #5

Thats like really impressive !

(Rodrimart) #6

#3December Day 2: Warm Stove
First of all, thank you all for the nice feedback for the Day1 model.
For the second day, I thought that I could easely aford a hard surface model in a single day, but it has turned to be a real challenge. I have tried to mix hard surface from 3ds-max (Stove and items) with some organic modeling from zbrush (fire, smoke and stew). As yesterday, i have had no time for a nice retopo and UV unwraping. Im not really mad about the result, so i hope u all enjoy the model and the song. see u tomorrow :wink:

(Rodrimart) #8

#3December Day 3: North Pole
Hi you all, it’s been a hard week, but i kept going with the challenge, and I took a few hours every day for modeling. As i wanted to keep the viking style with the models, I decided to do something diferent and I created the entrance to a grotto that Bjarte (1st day Viking) took during its adventure to reach the North Pole.
The model is based on Floryan Dreyer’s “Forgotten Temple entrance Concept”:
I’m really happy with the music, I believe it gives the perfect ambience to the area.

(Rodrimart) #9

4th day required us to bake a nice fruit-cake, but since I’m from spain and we dont really use to eat that kind of cake on Christmas, i decided to come with something diferent. I preapred for you a “Roscón de Reyes”, not a fruit-cake, but something similar. It is a bun that most of spanish homes prepare during “la noche de reyes”, a festivity celebrated on the night of January the 5th. It used to be the night where the whole family gathered together before the 25th of December, Christmas Night, was imported from many other countries. It’s a really special dinner, and you can find some of the details into the model’s anotations.
Hope you all enjoy the model, the music and also, the tradition. See you tomorrow :crown::crown::crown:

(Ever Shroud) #10

All of your work for this is so detailed! It all looks amazing!

(Rodrimart) #11

Day 5 model is taking more time that i’d like to, so I have done Day 6 first.
I’ve done a simple raindeer for this one, because i wanted to focus on the ambience and the feeling of the model.
It’s suposed to be an spiritual creature, so the main texture is the emisive map, and i feel like it gives a nice magical feeling. The raindeer is roaming in a twilight-darkness plane, so i made the environment completly dark to give a feeling of emptyness and tranquility. I tried to create the most reflective water I could into sketchfab using real time reflections, and I’m not completly satisfied, but it is a pretty decent job.
I feel like the best job in here is the music, which fits really nice the ambience.
Thank u all for the nice comments, it is always great to have feedback. See you all.