Room interior lights

(Zeromedia45) #1

Hey does sketchfab supports lights ? as in an interior room with a bulb ...will it work ?

(Adeboye Grillo) #2

yes, Sketchfab does support lights. You can add only 3 lights per model from within Skechfab. There are about 4 different types with simple shadows (not glossy/ transparent/ blurry shadows).
I think some exporters can also export these lights from the 3D application.

(Zeromedia45) #3

hey, thanks man , also what more transparent objects ? like windows

(Adeboye Grillo) #4

when I said simple shadows, i meant shadows without blurry edges and shadows that don't show transparency. just black shadows with fine edges

(Rinazoom) #5

Hi, what about led lights and shadows? does it support shadow colors in led stimulation? such as
red, green and yellow; traffic lights coming from four directions, pyramid (