Rotation of single part of model and normals flipped on other parts

(Wrapped) #1

This Model used to load up fine as a 3ds up until a few days ago and now you can see that the car frame is rotated and pushed to the side. Imported as an .Obj it seems to load without this problem, but now it is sensitive to normals so a couple of pieces are inside out. Again, this used to load up ok without problems with normals and the Sketchfab uploader seemed a lot more robust and forgiving then it is now. Has anything changed? Any ideas how to correct the car frame (I have already re-centred the pivot of the frame in Max).



We tried opening both models in 3ds Max, and RC1 still had the problem. It might be related to a misplaced pivot ( although you said you checked this ) or a transform modifier not taken into account by the exporter.

I would recommend creating a help ticket here for Klaas to take a look:

Hopefully he can help with the rotation problem, or normals problem, or both.