Rotation view is needed on Desktop WebVR

(Geo Lay) #1

I use a Keyboard and a Xbox360 GamePad not Vive Ward or Rift Touch.

It is hard to view models.

"Q,E" or "K,L" Key would be good.

(Rémy Bouquet) #2

controller support is still a bit experimental on browsers, but that could definitely be a good addition.
Thanks for reporting.

(Paul Greveson) #3

Agreed - any update on this? There still doesn't seem to be any way to rotate the view or model using keyboard controls in desktop VR.

WSAD / arrow keys and O/P to scale the object is good, but being able to rotate either the scene itself, or reset your headset forward vector, would be very powerful.

Currently with seated VR you end up twisting your head all the way around if you want to view a model around 360 degrees.
As suggested, Q/E would be good keys for this on a QWERTY keyboard.

(Ravenworks) #4

Is this still on the to-do list? It’s definitely inconvenient to have to teleport all the way to the far side of a model and turn around just to see another angle on it…

(Aleahy) #5

This is also a problem in non-VR “First Person Camera” mode using WASD.

I’m not sure if using Q & E keys heading rotate is common?

With this sort of motion you’d have to be careful about motion sickness.

Field-of-view fogging/tunneling and using squeeze on the HTC Vive wand is fairly common. Try Google Earth VR, Tiltbush.

(Safety Rabbit) #6

I thought I’d chip in on this one too. Sketchfab in VR is super cool, just need a couple more controls to nail it. The option to rotate the view is a must, having to turn around on the Oculus Rift often mucks with the tracking. Using the controller for locomotion instead of teleporting around would be great too.

Also being able to change models without leaving the VR environment would be ace. I would imagine that’s already in the works (or in already and I have missed it perhaps?). Keep up the good work! 8D