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Ruben Camponogara A&D - Sacile (PN) Italy

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About this service
3D scan with structured light system and digital photogrammetry.

Service description

  • Specialisation:
    Survey from design components to cultural heritage and Architecture
  • Equipment/software:
    David SLS-2 (Structured light system);
    Agisoft photoscan (digital photogrammetry)
  • Location:
    Sacile (Pordenone) Italy
  • Ability to travel:
    Following needs Europe / Worldwide
  • Resolution:
    Photogrammetry resolution follow the object dimension,
    David SLS-2 has an accuracy of 0,1% (ex 0,1 mm every 100mm)
  • Guaranteed accuracy:
    accuracy follow the dimension and the shape of the object
  • Max / min scannable sizes:
    Davis SLS-2 = from 2-3 cm to 60 cm (it's a modular system, with many scans i can arrive at 2,5-3 meters)
  • Textures:
    i can capture textures in both tecnologies
  • Deliverable file formats:
    .Stl .obj .3ds .ply ...(all the mesh format files)
  • Additional services:
    finising the model for 3D printing, reverse engineering (Rhinoceros+grasshopper) for industrial processes (File formats: .Stp .Iges .3dm .dwg ...), Rendering (blender+Cycles)
  • Costs:
    Costs follow the necessity of the client, contact me for a specific quote

Service-specific information

- Camera:
Canon Eos 550D
- Georeferenced:
yes (if there is a total station or GPS survey)
- Detail orto-photo:
Yes, very high accuracy, very good for Architectural restoration (Elevations, sections, plans)
- file format: .stl .obj .3ds .txt .xyz
- Additional service:
Possibility to have 3D models from survey and 2D technical drawings (es Architectural elevations )

Structured Light System
- 3D Scanner: David SLS-2
- Accuracy: 0,1%
- Texture: yes
- file format: .stl .obj .3ds .ply
- Reverse engineering: Yes, i can send 3d Cad Files (nurbs models) based on the 3D scan


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